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Focus 1 can help you shop for life insurance to make sure you are getting the best policy at the best rate. We are very experienced in helping Medford Area residents protect their families with stellar life insurance policies from the best companies in the United States. Whether you need one of the standard types of life insurance noted below or something more specialized, we can help you insure your family's future!

There are four basic types of life insurance:

Term Life: Term life insurance is very straightforward. When you choose this type of coverage you pay for a specific duration of time. During that period, your chosen beneficiary receives the benefits of your policy in the event of your death. You should know that there are subcategories that fall under the category of term life insurance.

Whole Life: Whole life insurance is another type of coverage to consider. This type of policy covers you for your entire life rather than a specific term. A whole life policy will cost more on average and have higher premiums than term life policies, however, the investment potential and lifelong coverage are appealing to some people.

Universal Life: You can add your preferred amount to the minimum price of the premium. The insurance company then invests the funds with returns that are put into the premiums, or left to accumulate. One subcategory of universal life insurance is universal variable life which lets customers choose what they want to invest in rather than the insurance company choosing for them.

Variable Life: Variable life is another one of the main basic types of life insurance. With variable coverage, you have more investment opportunities, which includes stocks. This policy type is similar to universal coverage because the returns are either used towards premiums or allowed to accumulate in an account. Your beneficiary receives either the value of the policy, or the value of the policy, in addition to a portion of, or the full cash investment returns account.

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