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Happy 4th of July from Medford Oregon

When Things go BOOM in the Night – Fireworks Safety

 For most of us, the Fourth of July is a time to enjoy the company of family and friends, having fun and creating memories – whether at home or away in Southern Oregon. 4th of July Medford, Ashland, Central Point, Eagle Point, Oregon, Portland

But for some families, the holiday is a nightmare. Homes each year in Oregon are damaged by wayward fireworks. Thousands of people are injured in accidents.  

At Focus1 Insurance Group Medford and Portland we want your holiday to be happy, but also safe. So here are some tips to help you protect yourself and your property on the Fourth. 

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Fight for your Rights….in Southern Oregon.

Do you know how to make sure you get a fair settlement or claim resolution with an insurance carrier?

Will your agent fight for you and your rights when your claim goes wrong?total loss, claims advice, claims help, Medford Oregon, Ashland, Central Point

Eli Clark at Focus1 Insurance Group has the tools and know how to help you and your friends get some straight talk and many times can help you come to a resolution.  As an ex-claims adjuster with experience handling business and personal lines claims, Eli can help existing clients as well as their friends and family make sure they get fair treatment on their claim.  Weather your dealing with a fire loss in Ashland, a total loss in Medford or an animal bite in Portland, Eli Clark and the professional staff at Focus1 Medford and Focus1 Portland are here to help.  Here are a few tips that Eli has found useful over the years:

The Oregon Department of Insurance is a fine website that can aid consumers through researching carriers and their complaint ratios.  Continue reading

Car Insurance and family travels this summer in Southern Oregon

Where to this summer?  Oregon Coast, Crater Lake or Portland Oregon?

Some Great tips before you travel from your local Medford insurance agency.

Is your car insurance up to par for family travels in Medford and Southern Oregon?Call Focus1 and ask about a “Trip Interruption” endorsement and how that affects your Auto Insurance Plan before you leave in the old Grizwold-mobile for this year’s vacation.  This valuable coverage can cover the tow like many Roadside Plans but in addition to that, if you exceed 50-100 miles, depending on the plan and you have a mechanical breakdown, it will repair the vehicle and pay you out of pocket expenses relating to the stay and the food that was unexpected.  This coverage can be had on many cars and trucks for $15 to $20 annually and at Focus1 we can add it before you leave and remove it upon your return.  This way you only pay for the coverage when it matters most. Visit for a free quote!

Another great idea is if you are traveling and you carry a Liability Only or a PL/PD type of policy is to consult your agent before leaving town and perhaps add Comprehensive and Collision.  I know many people do not carry these coverages so they can save money.  If you think about it, your chance at having an issue increases when you are out of town.  So for a small daily rate that can amount to a few dollars, you can have coverage in case your car is stolen , for that deer you smash on the way to Eagle Point or the wild mule you hit on the way to Lakeview.  Hit and run coverage is nice when your driving somewhere new too.  One last reason to add “full coverage” before you leave is if you intend to rent a vehicle and you do not carry comprehensive and collision.  Rental car companies will charge $28.99 per day or more for coverage you can extend from your covered auto.  Straight-forward advice and excellent customer service are what makes us unique here at Focus1 Insurance. Our families will work harder for you.  If you do not know your agent or your agencie’s number, consider calling one that you can look forward to working with, 541-772-3120.