The difference between captive and independent agents in Medford, Southern Oregon and Northwestern States

Independent Southern Oregon agents shop for the best insurance coverage and rates for their clients!

Choosing the right agent not only can make a difference in how much service you get and what kind of advice you get when you need it. There are two different kinds of insurance agents you should consider.

Independent insurance agents in Medford, OR.Captive agents are insurance agents who represent and write policies for just one insurance company. State Farm and Allstate are two common examples of insurance companies that only employ captive agents in the Southern Oregon Area. If the insurance carrier a captive agent works for has subsidiaries, the agent may be able to write policies for those subsidiaries as well, but they cannot write insurance policies for companies outside of their corporate umbrella. 

Independent insurance agents are not held captive to any single insurance company in Medford, Southern Oregon or any other area. This means independent agents can write insurance policies with many different, insurance carriers and compare the rates. Independent agents can also compare the policy features of many different insurance companies when helping clients find the right policy. This freedom give independent agents the ability to offer you a much wider selection of insurance options than a captive agent might be able to. Having an agent that can shop for you is not just important when you initially shop for insurance, it can also come into play every year when certain types of policies need to be renewed. Policy renewals can offer you another chance to compare rates and policies and make sure the one you renew still fits your needs, but not if you are with a captive agent.

At Focus 1 Insurance in Medford, Oregon, we are independent agents because we find it far too limiting to be captive agents when trying to find the best rates and coverage for our clients.

Give us a call at 541.772.3120 or visit us at 3110 State Street in Medford, Oregon 97504 for a custom quote on auto, home, life, commercial and other types of insurance. We’re “Focused on YOU!” Go to our main site to learn more about Focus 1, who we are, and the peace of mind we offer our clients!

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  1. Ryan Mallory

    My experience as an insurance buyer showed me that independent agents like the nice folks at Focus 1 work harder to earn your business and find the cheapest insurance rates based on your individual situation. They even helped me with a claim in the Medford Area. Talk to Eli, Justin or Kevin. They’ll take good care of you.


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