Fight for your Rights….in Southern Oregon.

Do you know how to make sure you get a fair settlement or claim resolution with an insurance carrier?

Will your agent fight for you and your rights when your claim goes wrong?total loss, claims advice, claims help, Medford Oregon, Ashland, Central Point

Eli Clark at Focus1 Insurance Group has the tools and know how to help you and your friends get some straight talk and many times can help you come to a resolution.  As an ex-claims adjuster with experience handling business and personal lines claims, Eli can help existing clients as well as their friends and family make sure they get fair treatment on their claim.  Weather your dealing with a fire loss in Ashland, a total loss in Medford or an animal bite in Portland, Eli Clark and the professional staff at Focus1 Medford and Focus1 Portland are here to help.  Here are a few tips that Eli has found useful over the years:

The Oregon Department of Insurance is a fine website that can aid consumers through researching carriers and their complaint ratios.  Also, if you feel you are not being taken seriously by the insurance company you are dealing with or feel that you have been treated unfairly, you can file a complaint online or print it and fax it in.  The old adage…”squeaky wheel gets the grease” comes to mind and is all too true. 

Communicate effectively, be concise and as direct as possible.  Counsel your agent before talking with your adjuster if your unsure of one issue or another.  Document your position thoroughly.  Many times people are not satisfied with the offer to settle their Total Loss or they get caught up on book value, etc.  What we need to focus on is Market Value where the consumer needs to replace the vehicle,  weather its a boat loss, car or truck total loss or a piece of equipment.  I like to have 2-3 local experts give their opinion in writing (easy to get if they might make a sale for the replacement for you).  These dealer quotes become the backbone of your research.  It is important to ask what the damaged item would have retailed for to a cash buyer.  It is also important that the item was priced with all the condition and options as the one in question.  The insurance company and eventually the arbitrators or jury will believe your value more likely than a computer generated report (CCC One or ADP Reports are most common) like most carriers use to come up with a value.

Water losses and mold coverage is always a big issue.  Many policies flat out deny coverage through the use of exclusionary language.  Most of the policies written by Focus1 Insurance Group include the valuable endorsement for mold/mildew remediation becasue we understand how this one little clause can cause so much heartache.  After all, we are in Oregon and the West coast so there is a good deal of moisture working on our properties all the time.  If you have damage again consult your agent or call Eli Clark at 541-772-3120.  If you go it alone remember this:  After you call the 800# or get a chance to report the damage, do not say “I found wet rot”, “I found dry rot” or “I discovered a leak”.  The best response from your carrier or the one responcible will be if you report “I discovered some water damage, please send someone out”.  Many times the adjuster may come out and had you said one of the no-no’s above they may deny coverage over the phone but in person they want to please and find some coverage amongst the denial.



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