The first ride of the season! We’ve got you covered.

Happy Earth Day Southern Oregon! Sunshine is coming our way; it’s time to break out those classic wheels and bikes! Here at Focus1 Insurance, we know that your classic takes a special kind of coverage not provided by your typical car insurance carrier, so before you go out on that first ride, make sure you’ve got your baby properly covered. We work with Hagerty Classic car insurance company and Progressive Motorcycle insurance to help protect you from the hazards of the road. Our goal is to provide peace of mind while you enjoy the ride, the breeze, and the freshly polished leather. Let us introduce you to the top companies we use for insuring your pride and joy.

  Hagerty car insurance is for collectors of classic and vintage cars, motorcycles and boats. Insurance is available for collector vehicles used for limited driving for pleasure purposes, car shows, and other events. If you are a classic car enthusiast with your first classic car, or you are looking for a better coverage option than what you currently have, Hagerty has what you’re looking for and we have agents available to quote you for the special coverage you need.

Because classic and vintage cars are used differently than your daily driver or work vehicle, they need a different kind of coverage and have a totally different rating system. There are things to consider like, where the car is stored, the value of the modifications done, the rarity of the vehicle, how the car is used and how often, and other rating factors like the driver. Focus1 agents know the right questions to ask to see to it that you and your car are rated properly.

Hagerty isn’t just a car insurance company, they are a group of car enthusiast like you with a love of the classics. They are involved in promoting the love of driving around the country. Currently they are hosting a young drivers event; The Hagerty Driving Experience, where they aim to teach young drivers ages 15-25 yrs. old, how to drive stick shift cars behind the wheel of a vintage or classic car. The experience isn’t just a driving lesson, they also teach the drivers some basic car maintenance and transmission operation.

“This program is designed to help build the next generation of classic car enthusiasts and keep the collector community strong.” –

Find out more at or ask your Focus1 agent for more information. The program runs from July 2017 to January 2018 in select locations around the states.

  Progressive Motorcycle Insurance is the #1 motorcycle insurer and preferred here at Focus1 insurance group for a few reasons. They are simple to quote, they offer full coverage designed for motorcycle riders, taking into consideration that there are only certain months out of the year that you will be riding, and their prices are hard to beat. Hopping on your bike for the first time after the long Winter months is the most exciting feeling; we get it! We also understand the risks of riding the roads on a motorcycle without the proper coverage. And because we know that customizing your bike is second nature; we offer custom parts and equipment coverage (CPE) in addition to your basic policy, so your time and energy spent on improving your ride doesn’t go to waste, in case of an accident.

Custom parts and equipment are defined as equipment, devices, accessories, or enhancements other than those that the original manufacturer installed that alter the performance of the motorcycle. If your improvements are valued at more than $1,000 it may be a good idea to add additional CPE. Some examples of equipment that might be easily overlooked:

  • Fairings
  • Custom leather seats
  • Sissy bars
  • Extra chrome
  • Saddle gags
  • Lowering kits
  • Side cars
  • Paint jobs
  • Safety riding gear
  • Roll bars
  • Windshield

It’s always a good idea to take pictures of your bike and keep your receipts of these and any other additions. This may help to expedite a claim.

Rather than leave your custom bike or classic car unprotected, let us help you get the best coverage available with Progressive and Hagerty Insurance. Stop by today and get ready for that first ride! Call or walk in at any time for a free quote from Focus1 Insurance Group!


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