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Do You Need Special Insurance for Your Recreational Motorcycle?

Motorcycles provide riders with an exhilarating gateway to new roads, but they also perform differently and are riskier than cars. Does that mean motorcycle owners must get special insurance policies for their bikes? The answer is almost always “yes,” but there are a few exceptions. Below are the circumstances in which riders must acquire new insurance for their vehicles.

A One-State Exception

A man on a motorcycle parked on the side of the freeway

In total, 49 states out of 50, including Oregon, require motorcycle riders to have motorcycle insurance. Riders in those states must show proof of insurance to be able to register their bikes in the first place. The one state that bucks the trend? Florida. While Floridians do not have to carry a distinct motorcycle policy, they do still have to carry a minimum of $10,000 in medical payment coverage on their auto insurance in order to legally ride. Coverage minimums on motorcycle insurance in Oregon are $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident for bodily injury and $20,000 for property damage.

Motorcycle Coverage Options

Motorcyclists will find a familiar list of coverage options available to them. Riders can sign up for collision, comprehensive, medical pay, and personal injury protection under most plans. Some companies offer add-on options which may include trip interruption coverage; coverage for custom parts, equipment, and accessories; transport trailer coverage; and roadside assistance. Oregon requires motorcycle riders to have basic bodily injury and property damage coverage as well as personal injury protection and uninsured motorist coverage.

Ins and Outs of Motorcycle Coverage

Some companies offer “lay-up” insurance during the colder winter months when many riders store their bikes. If you select this option, your bike will be covered for theft or other situations that may occur while the bike is stored, but not for damage if it’s taken out on the road. If the bike is stolen, insurance pays out in different ways. You may receive actual cash value minus the deductible, an amount stated in the policy, or an agreed-upon amount decided by you and the company.

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