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How to Talk to Your Teen About Auto Safety

It can seem a little daunting to talk to your teen about auto safety, but it’s a conversation every responsible parent needs to have. Here are a few tips to help you have the safe driving talk with your kids.

Set a Good Example

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This one begins well before your teen is ready to drive—even before they become teenagers. If you practice good habits like regularly putting on your seatbelt, never using your phone while driving, and maintaining a safe speed, these are likely to rub off. When your kids are closer to driving, try narrating what you’re doing while driving and explaining why. This is a good way to talk about safe driving where kids can see the immediate thought process and the effect of your safe actions.

Explain That Driving Is a Privilege

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Driving is a privilege, and exercising a privilege brings responsibility. Make sure your teen understands the ramifications of driving irresponsibly and address common risk factors that teens face, such as being distracted by passengers. A good way to drive the point home is by making them pay for a portion of the auto insurance and covering any increase caused by their bad driving, or by revoking access to the car if they break your rules.

What About Motorcycles?

In Oregon, children under 18 need parental consent for a motorcycle permit. If you decide to let them ride, the same rules apply. Make sure they understand their responsibilities and that riding is a privilege that can be revoked. You should also make sure they have a helmet, padded jacket, and other safety gear, as well as a good motorcycle insurance policy.

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