Devin Johnson

Devin Johnson, born in the heart of Texas, has lived everywhere else far and wide. He is the son of an 82nd Airborne Vet. Devin started his insurance hustle down in SoCal with Allstate. Later he decided to move up to Oregon and hasn’t left since. Here he started his own Farmers Agency, and soon realized the captive life wasn’t for him. He let the reigns loose and joined our team here at Oath Insurance. Aside from his career, he has been a hardcore drummer since he was in fifth grade, along with a little guitar playing. Devin walks on the line between a laid-back lifestyle and the wild side. You may drive by his home and see him working on his collection of novelty cars and street bikes, or wearing his sunhat while planting his tulips. Being an advocate and consumer in the cannabis industry, he truly has everything you want, need, and more.