Minimize Your Losses With Agricultural Insurance Coverage

When the land is your livelihood, you face a number of risks from factors outside your control, from the economy to climate change. These factors put your family’s income and financial security at risk, but agricultural insurance from Focus1 Insurance Group will cover you when times get tough.

What Is Agricultural Insurance?

Agricultural insurance is designed to protect farmers and ranchers from devastating financial hits due to damage or loss of crops from any number of risks. Agribusinesses attempt to manage these risks in several ways; they may select low-risk crops or try to lessen risks by improving their infrastructure to combat issues like irrigation and frost. They may also purchase insurance to mitigate possible losses. Agricultural insurance doesn’t apply to just livestock and crops, but also to operations relating to forestry, greenhouses, aquaculture, etc.

Why Do I Need Agricultural Insurance?

Two of the biggest risks associated with the agricultural sector include price risk and production risk. Price risk is caused by potential volatility in prices, while production risk stems from uncertainty about production levels from primary producers. These two risks are only expected to rise due to loosening restrictions on trade and the effects of climate change. Plus, as many farmers have reduced their range of crops, they have fewer options to fall back. Agricultural insurance protects them from financial losses when the unexpected happens.

It isn’t just farmers and ranchers affected by the agriculture industry. Anyone on the agribusiness value chain faces these same risks, including suppliers, distributors, processors, grocery stores, and consumers. A damaged supply of crops means fewer goods to transport to grocery stores and a smaller selection for consumers. Because each player on the agribusiness value chain is closely intertwined, the entire market sees the effects of damaged crops or lost livestock and could benefit from agricultural insurance.

What Does Agricultural Insurance Cover?

The exact coverage you’ll need will vary, but Focus1 Insurance Group can connect you with policies that meet your specific needs. A few of our many types of agricultural insurance policies include:

– Farm Insurance
– Ranch Insurance
– Orchard Insurance
– Vineyard Insurance
– Nursery Insurance
– Crop Insurance
– Alfalfa Insurance
– Livestock Insurance
– Organic Farms Insurance
– Christmas Tree Farm Insurance
– U-Pick Insurance

And many more!

What Questions Should I Ask My Agent?

Agricultural insurance isn’t a one-size-fits-all service, and you should feel confident that you’re choosing the right coverage. Focus1 Insurance Group will take the time to learn about your property so we can make the best pressure-free recommendations for your needs. We’ll listen to your concerns and make sure every question is answered. Some of our most commonly asked questions include:

– I’m a part-time farmer. Will this affect my coverage?
– What is the best time of year to purchase insurance for my specific operational needs?
– What information do I need to have available to purchase coverage?
– How do I file a claim, and how does the appraisal and assessment process work?

We’ll answer all these questions and any others you have to help you make an informed agricultural insurance decision. When you’re ready to get started, call Focus1 Insurance Group at 541-772-3120 for a free quote!

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