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With today’s exorbitant healthcare costs, no Oregon family can afford to be without health insurance in case of an illness or emergency. Health insurance policies and prices vary widely, so shopping around with multiple companies can save you money. Focus1 Insurance Group offers Oregon residents a hassle-free way to shop for quality health insurance plans.

What Is Health Insurance?

Insurance protects sick or injured individuals from having to pay the full costs for medical treatment. It also provides individuals with affordable access to routine and preventative services, like physicals and flu shots. The insured pays a monthly premium at an agreed-upon rate, and in turn, the insurance company pays for certain covered medical costs. Health insurance providers, doctors, and hospitals often negotiate rates and discounts, so the insured must generally use providers within this network. According to the City of Bend, one ambulance ride can exceed $1,000—health insurance protects patients from this sort of medical debt.

Why Do I Need Health Insurance?

Even a minor illness could be a financial burden. Insurance provides peace of mind that you won’t be saddled with tens of thousands of dollars in debt if you undergo that necessary MRI or need pricey medication. Health insurance also gives you and your family inexpensive access to regular health care screenings and preventative procedures, such as vaccines. It also ensures you get the care you need, when you need it, even if you don’t have cash in hand.

What Does Health Insurance Cover?

At Focus1 Insurance Group, we are able to provide group plans to businesses and their employees, and individual plans for individuals and families. We offer Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) policies, Point of Service (POS) policies, and Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) policies. All health insurance plans cover at least part of certain covered procedures, but exact coverage levels vary. In addition to covering certain preventative, diagnostic, and treatment costs, additional healthcare plans, like dental insurance and vision insurance, are available.

What Questions Should I Ask My Agent?

It’s important to understand what’s covered on your policy and what you’ll be expected to pay before benefits kick in. A few questions to ask your agent include the following:

– How much will my monthly premium, deductible, and copays be?
– Will I be able to choose my own doctors, or are my current doctors in-network on this plan?
– Are the medications I take covered on this plan?
– Will I always need a referral to see a specialist?

At Focus1 Insurance Group, we’ll meet with you to get an understanding of your health insurance needs, and then we’ll shop around with dozens of different providers to find the best possible deals. Before you choose a plan, we’ll make sure you understand exactly what each one covers and what you can expect to pay.

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In a world where a simple ambulance ride can eat away families’ savings, health insurance is a necessary purchase. Focus1 Insurance Group brings hassle-free health insurance to Oregon residents, and we can help your family find the plan that meets your healthcare needs. Call us today at 541-772-3120 for a free quote!

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