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Do I Need Commercial Insurance for a Delivery Truck?

As a small business owner, the lines between your personal and on-the-job responsibilities are often blurry. If your business requires a delivery truck or vehicle, you may assume your current personal auto insurance policy will cover it. Unfortunately, your personal auto insurance doesn’t offer the same comprehensive coverage as a commercial policy. You should invest in commercial auto insurance to help protect your business by choosing a policy with the following:

High Liability Limits

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Commercial auto insurance policies have higher liability limits than personal auto insurance. Policies not only help cover the basics—like the cost of property damage and injury and liability claims—but they can also cover additional commercial vehicles you purchase, trailers and other business-related equipment, vehicles driven by you and your employees that aren’t owned by your company, and more.

Covers Unique Risks

Make sure you find a policy that protects unique risks that are associated with delivery services. This may entail visiting multiple locations in a hurry, traveling long distances, or hiring younger, less experienced drivers. If your employees sometimes need to make deliveries using their personal vehicles, consider a hired and non-owned auto insurance policy.

No Business Exclusions

If you have personal auto insurance coverage for your delivery vehicle, there are some exclusions in the policy that might expose you to risks. Most policies will exclude the use of a vehicle by someone employed or engaged in business. Personal auto coverage also excludes vehicles used for transporting property for a charge. In case of an accident, your insurance provider might use these exclusions and other laws to avoid paying your claim.

Gain peace of mind with commercial auto insurance for your delivery truck and other business vehicles. The team at Focus1 Insurance Group wants to help your small business in the Medford, OR community flourish by finding business insurance coverage that fits your needs and budget. Request a free quote to get started.