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Steps to Take If an Employee Is Injured at Work

Work should be a place where employees go to do their jobs and feel safe. However, accidents do happen, and you should be prepared for them when they do. Take the time to understand how you should proceed in this type of situation to avoid getting your company into trouble.

Seek Medical Attention Immediately

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When an employee is injured on the job, it’s important to seek medical attention right away. Ask the worker if they’re hurt and how much pain they’re in. This is not only in the best interest of your employee, it’s also a way to protect yourself as the employer. You risk having a big lawsuit on your hands if the employee is hurt and they aren’t properly cared for and treated following the accident.

Document and Investigate the Accident

Another step you need to take if an employee is injured at work is to gather the facts. Document the event in detail and ask witnesses what they saw. Conduct a thorough investigation of the incident internally so you can answer questions from the authorities and insurance company. Know your obligations as an employer, as well, such as having a workers’ insurance compensation policy on your side. Ultimately, your insurance carrier is going to make the call on whether or not there will be compensation awarded to the injured employee.

Take Preventive Measures

As an employer, it’s wise to take preventive measures for the future. You want to avoid the same type of accident happening again down the road with a different employee. Therefore, use what information and evidence you collect during your investigation to make changes that will help protect your other employees at work going forward.

All businesses with one or more employees should have a workers’ compensation insurance policy in place. Focus1 Insurance Group is here to make sure business owners in southern Oregon are protected. Contact us to learn more about our workers’ compensation and other business insurance policies. Request your free quote today.