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Tips for Adding a Teenage Driver to Your Insurance Policy

When teen drivers first get behind the wheel, it can be a stressful time for parents. Not only are you worried about your children’s safety, but you also know that their driving could have a serious effect on your wallet. On average, your insurance rate will increase by 130% after adding a teen to your auto policy. However, there are steps you can take to ensure that you and your child are properly protected. Follow these tips for a smooth transition onto the Oregon highways for your teen.

Shared or Separate Policies?

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You may be tempted to start your children on a new policy to teach them both driving and financial responsibility. Doing so can also pay off in the long run through loyal customer benefits. However, it will not be easier on your pocketbook if you plan on paying for it, as it’s almost always more expensive to set up an independent insurance policy for teen drivers. If you add your child to your existing auto insurance policy instead, you should first list yourself or your spouse as the primary driver of the family’s vehicle. Your primary driver selection will have a significant impact on your premiums, especially since the younger drivers in the household aren’t using the vehicle as often. Also, consider adding them to the cheapest car on your policy if you own multiple vehicles.

Shop Around for the Best Rate

Don’t automatically assume that your current insurance provider will give you the cheapest rate for your new driver. Rates for adding a teen can vary greatly depending on the provider and their current promotions. Shop around and look for the best deal beforehand, ideally when your teen has a learner’s permit.

Ask About Discounts

Though the cost of insuring your teen driver may be high, there are ways it can be mitigated. You may even want to consult your current insurance agent and see if there’s any wiggle room for discounts. Many insurance companies offer discounts for good students, students living away from home, and drivers that complete driver’s education courses.

At Focus1 Insurance Group, we understand the considerations that come into play when adding teen drivers to an auto policy. We work hard to foster a family atmosphere and advocate for our clients when they need us most. Learn more about what your options are for automotive, motorcycle, or other insurance plans by giving us a call at 541-772-3120 or contacting us online to request your free quote.