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What Does Boating Insurance Cover?

The feeling of gliding along the water’s surface on a beautiful day is one not matched by many. Still, just as with automobiles, accidents can happen. Rather than ruining what could have been a lovely experience, save yourself some time and money by learning what is covered by boating insurance policies and what you can do to ensure both you and your boat continue to enjoy the ride.

Collision Damage

Four boats lined up and docked

If you experience an accident when piloting your boat, that’s when collision damage comes into play. Similar to auto insurance, it will cover the repair or replacement of your boat as well as any damage-related incidents. For example, if your boat’s engine were to blow due to damage incurred during an accident or due to a manufacturer’s defect, your boat insurance policy would cover that. Boating insurance does not cover wreckage clean-up, however, unless that specific coverage is purchased.

Property Damage and Bodily Injury Liability

If you make a mistake while boating and cause damage or injury to another boat or persons on said boat, your boating insurance will cover that. The same is true for damage caused to docks, marinas, and other types of property possibly affected by boating mishaps. Bodily injury liability covers things like hospital bills for the injured, lost wages due to injury, pain and suffering, and various legal expenses incurred due to injuries inflicted.

Comprehensive Coverage

For non-collision incidents, comprehensive coverage comes into play when your boat is stolen, vandalized, or damaged in a non-boating fashion. Some policies only cover the boat itself and not possessions inside the boat. Be sure to investigate if additional coverage may be available.

At Focus1 Insurance Group, we understand that boating insurance can be important protection as part of leisure or business life. Our team of agents will advocate for you and work to find the right policy for your boat. Request a free quote today.